The Lab 

Project Manager/Affiliated Gradute Students  

Chantelle Ivanski

Chantelle is currently a PhD student at York University working primarily with Dr. Raymond Mar. She completed her MA in 2019, looking at how we evaluate novels based on the gender of the author. Her primary research interest is in looking at women’s experiences and feminist psychology, with a specific interest in women who are childless by choice and those who regret having children. She also does research on sex positivity. To learn more you can read her personal website here:

Graduate Research Assistants 


Megan Tracy

Megan is a MA student in Professional Counseling, studying in the Marriage, Child, and Family Counseling track at Texas State University. She completed her BS in Applied Psychology with a minor in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Ithaca College. Her previous research has investigated implicit personality theory, optimism, and coping mechanism selection in adults. Broadly, Megan’s research interests include love and relationships, with a focus on consensually non-monogamous relationships and self-stigmatization. Outside of research, Megan enjoys horseback riding, spending time in nature, and tending to her houseplant collection.

Alessanda Rizzo Esposito

Alessandra is currently a first year at the MAPR program at Texas State University. Her research interests include social and cross cultural psychology. More specifically, she is interested in the effects of immigration and acculturation on the aspects of health, relationships, and social development. After completing her master's, she plans to pursue a Ph.D. in clinical psychology where she can continue researching Latinx immigrants and their interactions with mental health care. She hopes to one day have the opportunity to open an affordable practice and specialize in working with immigrant populations.

​Kaitlin Marguerite Brunett

Kaitlin is a first year MA student in Psychological Research at Texas State University under the supervision of Dr. Krista Howard. Her current thesis covers attitudes toward rape myth acceptance based on a person's personality factors and certain social constructs they are part of. Some more broad research interests include relationships, personality, and trauma. Outside of research she enjoy spending time with friends, reading or writing, and playing video games like The Legend of Zelda.

Undergraduate Research Assistants 

Deborah Mammah

Deborah Mammah is a recent graduate of the Psychology Honour’s BA program at YorkUniversity and plans to apply to graduate programs in Fall 2021.Her research interests include exploring the processes involved in maintaining long-distance relationships and exploring in-depth the role social media plays in romantic relationships.Beyond research, Deborah enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, watching soccer, and having philosophical conversations about life

Karen Rofaeel

Karen is currently pursuing an Honours BA in Psychology at York University and hopes to pursue a career in medicine. She is interested in applying her psychology background in the medical field by studying how to improve the healthcare experiences of minorities and vulnerable populations. Beyond academics, Karen enjoys traveling, reading, exercising, spending time with friends and family, and is a huge Harry Potter fan.


Nicole Shantz

Nicole is currently pursuing a SpecializedHonours BA in Psychology at York University. After her undergraduate studies, she aspires to continue her passion for research and clinical work at the graduate level. Her research interests incorporate a variety of disciplines within psychology which include clinical, social, and forensic psychology.

Melissa Saccutelli

Melissa is beginning her MSc in Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London. She completed her BA in Psychology at York University. Melissa’s research interests are focused in clinical psychology with an emphasis on cognitive function and thought processes in daily life associated with diagnosed mood and anxiety disorders. As well as, examining how the cognitive functioning of diagnosed individuals is associated with outcomes such as attachment styles, relationships, and self-image. Aside from research, Melissa enjoys cooking, training her dogs, working as a makeup artist, and watching standup comedy specials.

Laura Baron

Laura ia a fourth-year student at York University. She's currently in the Specialized Honors program in Psychology and hopes to continue her studies at Guelph University where she will be able to attain a master's in counseling.

Maria Bater-Alessandro

Maria has just graduated with her Honours Psychology degree from York University and is currently pursuing graduate studies in Clinical and Counselling Psychology. Her research interests are primarily rooted in that of social and abnormal psychology and the impact of certain mood and personality disorders on strong tie relationships. In the meantime, she focuses her time on facilitating support groups for the Women’s Mental Health Talks organiza

Former Research Assistants 

Prabhdeep Mann

Marley Leslie 

Hanieh Naeimi